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Little Hunter

New product announcement on the homepage with a responsive mobile view.

The client

Little Hunter dog food is 90% protein - it's great for the health of doggos everywhere and is super easy with no prep or defrosting required.

The challenge

As an online retailer, Little Hunter needed to stand out from the competition through a simple-to-use website and eye-catching email marketing and advertising.

The solution

We worked to redesign the website to match a more energetic, fun look. We redesigned all email flows to guide the customer through the buying journey with graphics that matched the style of the website. Our work continues to be ongoing as we work on new website features and new marketing assets.

Product page for a dog food brand.
Page design for a dog food referral program with a mobile mockup.

2 page mock-ups for dog food recipes and a split screen cart.3 email designs for a promotional campaign, welcome flow and a new product intro.3 email designs that are part of a welcome flow.3 ad designs - one depicting a bowl of food, a dog and a bowl, and a howling dog next to a package of food.Digital ad design for dog food brand

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